Turnstile TS 1011

Turnstile TS 1011

Turnstile TS 1011

Turnstile TS 1011 is a vertical tripod with Flow Rate 25-48 passages/minute.It is Oneway-Bidirectional.It has Inbuilt primary controller provides Opening Signal Input, Emergency Switch Input, Direction Indicator Output, Passing Indicator Output, Drop Arm Electromagnet Output It has Optional Interface i.e. with any Standalone access controller system like X990, IFACE, SC403, X7, SF101, F702 etc.

Opening Duration is 5 seconds – 60 seconds.Input control signal is of Dry contact type.Ingress protection degree is IP54.It comes with Integrated Controller i.e. C3-200/Any access controller.



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Type Vertical Tripod
Arm Length 50cm
Max tolerance of Arms 80 Kg
Angle Per Rotation 120o
Operation Type Oneway – Bidirectional
Robust Arms
Stainless steel Motor mechanism
All the housing materials use international
standards SUS304
Stainless steel, nice shape, rustproof and durable
The system adopts standard electrical interfaces
that could be integrated with variety of devices
SMPS – Input AC 220V / 110V, 50Hz / 60Hz
SMPS – output DC +24V, 5A; +12V, 3A
Dimension L = 520, W = 280, H = 980
Gross Weight 40kg
Operating temprature -28oC to +60oC
Operating Humidity 5% – 85%
Operating Environment Indoor & Outdoor(shelter)

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Tripod Turnstile manufacturers in India TS1011 Drop Arm

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