Time Attendance Machine

Time Attendance Machine plays very important role in an organization.  To track time and attendance of each and every employee manually is a very cumbersome task.  To automate this process of tracking time and attendance of employees in an organization time and attendance machines can be installed.  There are various models available in market for time and attendance machine system.  Various dealers of time and attendance machines suggest different models of time and attendance machines.  To decide which one to go with require lot of technical know how of the system.

Time Attendance Machine Biometric System, Biometrics Attendance System
Biometric System, Biometrics Attendance System

Time Attendance Machine

can be categorized according to the types of time and attendance machine models available in the market.  Time and Attendance systems can be broadly categorized into following.

  • Card Based Time and Attendance machines.
  • Password based time and attendance system
  • Fingerprint based time and attendance machines
  • Face recognition based time and attendance machines.
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Biometric Attendance System

Different modes of time and attendance machines have different benefits.  There are different applications in which these machines  fit.  When attendance happen in the closed environment then card or password machines can be used.  Please note these machines are best where you are sure that buddy punching will not happen.   This can be the case where you have close watch over your employees time and attendance.  The other case is when you have faith on your employees that they are not going to mark fake attendance .  This is one of the widely used system of attendance marking in an organization.  People uses card or password or combination of both to mark attendance.

e9c fingerprint biometrics Multi location attendance machine
e9c fingerprint biometrics Multi location attendance machine

Other popular product is fingerprint based time and attendance devices.  These devices use the fingerprint impression of your finger to mark attendance.  Not only attendance but access control system can also be integrated with this machines.  On punching of employees gate opening an closing can be controlled.  Not only its access control but it can also monitor the in and out time duration of the employees.

fingerprint attendance system multiple locations
fingerprint attendance system multiple locations

Face recognition based time and attendance system can be used to mark attendance using the face of employees.   These machines are best suited for the factory or places where labor attendance need to be done.  These machines can be integrated with software to generate attendance reports in various formats like pdf excel.  We provide attendance and access control solutions all across India and Globe.  We ship and deliver devices within 2-3 days in India and abroad we do it in 2-3 weeks of time.  We use FedEx to send our devices in foreign countries.

eSSL mb 160 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance Terminal with Access Control Functions
eSSL mb 160 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance Terminal with Access Control Functions

Please feel free to contact us for Time Attendance Machine at 9315441053, 9818390836 for more information about these machines.

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