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Proximity Thick Card

Radio-frequency identification RFID Cards

How RFID Technology works?

Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The same is used in offices and factories to mark the attendance of employees. The demand of this has increased a lot over the period of time. We can provide you think and thin RFID Cards in bulk quantity.

What does RFID card mean?

Radio-frequency identification Card is based on contact less technology which is used for marking the attendance or for access control system.

How do RFID cards work?

RFID cards are carried by the employees in their wallet and are shown to the RFID readers for marking attendance or access control.

What is RFID used for?

RFID cards are not just used for the attendance management but is also used for access control system.

Proximity Thick Card.1


  • Industry standard generic 125 KHz (thick/clam-shell)
  • Industry standard generic 125 KHz (thin/ ISO 0.8 mm)
  • 13.56 MHz Mifare (thin only)
  • HID 125 KHz

Proximity Thick Card Brochure Download