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Proximity Card Reader

Proximity Card Reader Micro PROX is a small Card reader with an read range of 3 Inch. This reader can be connected with controller on Weigand interface. Weigand interface is present in most of the RFID Proximity Card Controllers. This RFID Card Reader can be easily interfaced with most of the Access Control Systems. It has support of both 26/34 Bit Weigand Interface. Its bi-color LED indicator helps to know weather the person is authorized by the controller or not. Not just it has bi-color LED indicator it also has built-in buzzer. This reader can work with up to 100 meters of cable distance from the controller. Not just the proximity cards readers we also have Mifare or HID card readers available with us.

Proximity Card Reader Micro-Prox

Proximity Card Reader Micro-Prox

Following are some of the basic questions that comes in mind while reading about Proximity Card Readers.
What is a proximity card reader?

In this kind of readers there is no need to insert the card. These readers can work from a distance of 3 Inch. You just need to show the card from a distance. These are touch and go readers. Proximity Cards are not just the only option there are key rings available as well. The readers produces beep sound or the light indicator is used to tell the card has been sensed or not. It’s also use to confirm if the person is authorized or not.

How does proximity card work?
This proximity card reader is connected with wire to the controller on the Weigand Interface. It the controller which has the logic to decide if the person will be allowed or not.

  • Proximity Card Reader with Read Range up to 3 Inch
  • Small footprint, Attractive Design, Reader which can be installed on metal surface, walls & doors.
  • 26/34 Bit Weigand Interface, Easily Interface with most Access Control Systems
  • Features a bi-color LED indicator and System controlled built-in buzzer
  • Potted enclosure with 12” Pigtail connection for indoor/outdoor application.
  • 8-12V DC Input with up to 100 m cable distance to host
  • Compatible Clamp Shell card available at attractive prices.

This reader can be used with Spectra QuadXs-2C 4 Door Controller which support 8 Weigand readers. Even Fortuna has its own controller which can be used as well. This reader is very much similar to XsPoint Spectra Card Reader.

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