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Face Recognition Attendance System AIFACE-PRO 3000

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Face detection attendance system

Face Capacity: 3000
Card Capacity : 3000
Max User : 3000
Logs Capacity : 50,000
Accuracy : 99.27%
Living body detection : Support

Face Recognition Attendance System AIFACE-PRO 3000 best face attendance machine which can work in bright light.

Face Recognition Attendance System

Face Recognition Attendance System

face recognition attendance

Face recognition attendance
It has both LAN and wifi and has better speed.

This device can work in visible light as well.

The device can detect multiple persons at a time.

The same device is used in CAMPUS ACTIVEWEAR as well.

The same device will work on your existing software Smart Office.

Third-party integration is possible.


The system uses advanced facial recognition technology to accurately and efficiently record employee attendance. It can be used to track attendance of employees working in offices, factories, and other workplaces.

The system includes a camera that captures the employee’s image and a software that analyzes the image to confirm the employee’s identity. Once the employee is identified, their attendance is recorded and the data is sent to the employer’s time and attendance system for further analysis.

Benefits of using the AiFace-Pro 3000 include:

  • Increased accuracy: The advanced facial recognition technology used in the system is considered to be one of the most accurate forms of biometric identification, which reduces the possibility of buddy punching.
  • Real-time data: The data is updated in real-time, which allows employers to monitor their employees’ attendance in real-time.
  • Easy integration: The system can be easily integrated with other software and systems, such as payroll and HR software.
  • Cost-effective: The AiFace-Pro 3000 is cost-effective compared to traditional time and attendance systems.
  • Enhanced security: By using facial recognition technology, it can prevent unauthorized access to the restricted areas.

Advantages of face recognition attendance system

  •  Contactless for ultimate hygiene
  •  Color screen for face positioning
  •  Audio Prompt
  • More data measured than fingerprints very High Security
  • Work well even in darkness
AIFACE-PRO 3000Attendance System AIFACE-PRO 3000

Face Recognition for Attendance System Detection

face recognition based attendance system

Face attendance system

Face detection attendance system

Face Capacity: 3000
Card Capacity: 3000
Max User: 3000
Logs Capacity : 50,000
Accuracy: 99.27%
Living body detection: Support

Display screen: 5-inch IPS touch screen display
Resolution : 480 * 854
System parameters
Operating system: Linux
CPU: Dual-core ARM [email protected] 900MHz
Storage 512MB RAM, 4GM ROM

Relay: Yes
Wiegand out: Yes
Card Option: Mifare
General parameters
Power : 12V DC / 2A
Working temperature: -10°C~50°C
Dimension : 185.8 x 93.7 x 22.5 mm
Face detection: Detect and track 5 people meanwhile
Living body detection: Support

Remote upgrade: Support
Deployment: Public network, LAN

Some key features of the AI range of products are:

  • Multiple face detection up to 5 people per time.
  • Supports Mask detection.
  • Live person detection. (added security) (no other pictures will be accepted).
  • WDR wide dynamic range ( Strong recognition in all light conditions)
  • Adjustable detection range ( short, medium or long distance recognition)
  • AAS free access control software for full time and attendance.
  • Stand-alone function 3000 or 10,000 user capabilities simple software upgrade.
  • Reduce card costs over 1 year.
  • USB reports downloads direct from device.
  • Upload and download users via USB or PC.
  • Can have card readers built in as standard any card type of your choice.
  • WIFI or TCP/IP connection.

To buy the best quality Face Recognition Attendance System AIFACE-PRO 3000 calls us at 9315441053, 9315441078. Fill the following form one of our experts will call you and understand your requirement.

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