Net gear is a know Brand in the Industry which positions itself in the market due to its Affordable price , Lifetime Warranty,  Service Replacement Terms,  App Based Switches, Economic NAS …

Please share your requirement here , we will try best to match your requirements in this Category. Please discuss discount on case to case basis as per the requirement QTY .

Item codeDescriptionMOPTax Extra
NGCGS724TP10/100/1000 24 Port (all) PoE+(190W) switch with 2 SFP uplink ports1780018% 
NGCGS116LP10/100/1000 16 Port Switch (with 16 PoE+ Ports)76W1280018% 
NGCGS108LP10/100/1000 8 Port Switch (with 8 PoE+ Ports)60W600018% 
NGCGS305P10/100 5 Port Switch (With 4 PoE Ports) 55.4W340018% 
NGCGS60810/100/1000 8 Port Switch168018% 
NGCGS31610/100/1000 16 Port Switch404018% 
NGCGS308P10/100/1000 8 Port Switch (with 4 PoE Ports)440018% 
NGCGS32410/100/1000 24 Port Switch590018% 
NGCGS108PP10/100/1000 8 Port Switch (with 8 PoE+ Ports)123W700018% 
NGCFS116P10/100 16 Port Switch (with 8 PoE Ports)55W708018% 
NGCWAC505Pro SAFE Dual Band 11 AC Access Point (WAVE2, MU MIMO)740018% 
NGCGS110TP10/100/1000 (all)8 Port PoE(46W) switch with 2 SFP uplink ports760018% 
NGCWAC510Pro SAFE Dual Band 11 AC Access Point (WAVE2, MU MIMO)850018% 
NGCGS724T10/100/1000  24 Port switch with 2 dedicated SFP uplink ports917518% 
NGCGS510TLP10/100/1000 (all) 8 Port Poe+ (78W) Switch with 2 SFP uplink Ports1385018% 
NGCJGS524PE10/100/1000 24 Port Switch (with 12 PoE Ports)100W1400018% 
NGCGS116PP10/100/1000 16 Port Switch (with 16 PoE+ Ports)183W1500018% 
NGCGS34810/100/1000 48 Port Switch1600018% 
NGCGS750E10/100/100 48 Port Switch with 2 SFP uplink port1785018% 
NGCRN2122 Bay Desktop NAS2000018% 
NGCRBK50AC3300 Tri- Band WIFI System2415018% 
NGCRN2144 Bay Desktop NAS2600018% 

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