Identix Series

Identix Series

Identix Series is another range of Biometric machines. It provides machines for various applications. Machines are highly reliable and durable. All facilities are available in these machines.

Identix Series is categorized in as:

Attendance Machines: Attendance Management is healthy and safe process which should be carried out. This will also help to know about the victims and culprits if an emergency occurs in a company.It can be known by checking attendance record which tell about the number of persons present in a company at the time of  emergency. It also let employers to manage different group of employees who works in different shifts which results in bringing higher profits and also to increase production efficiency of a company.Without Attendance Management organisation cannot take out information back of their employees if needed in future which directly or indirectly results in the failure of a company’s leadership.

Attendance with Access machines: Access control consists of three W’s ;Who,Where and When. With the help of access control system one can know that Who are allowed to enter or exit, Where they are allowed to enter or exit, and When they are allowed to enter or exit. This is partially implemented with keys and locks.Only the person who has key can the door. It has some limitations like it does not authorize a person which results in lack of privacy. Anybody with the key can access the place. If the key is lost you are helpless until you have a duplicate key or you break the lock.

Face based DevicesFace detection is a technology which is used in various places to identify human face comes in front of it. Face detection is a psychological process to locate humans for attending faces.

Attendance Based DevicesAttendance-Access BasedFace Based Devices

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