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Hand Held Attendance System

Portable attendance Machine

Hand-held Time Attendance Device with Battery Backup

Hand Held Attendance System

Hand Held Attendance System

Hand-Held Attendance System with Mifare card reader.

  • Mifare Smart card reader
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Sleek and Stylish

Handheld Terminal based Solution

Wireless Attendance Reader | Handheld Attendance Device




Portable Attendance System

MicroLOG: Real-time Field Data Capture is needed for a number of Applications with card readers for Identification. MicroLOG is a small, Battery operated electronic unit having an LCD display & Keyboard for Man-Machine Interface. It is also having MIFARE Card Reader/Writer, for the Identification requirement. LAN or GPRS Connectivity may be provided. It is programmable & it can suit user applications. The development of the embedded firmware may be done using the SDK. The Attendance Engine is provided as default, for Field attendance needs. You can also check Biometric Time Attendance Machine MicroLog handheld.

Wireless CardReader | Handheld Card Based Attendance Machine

Physical & Environmental Specs: 

  • Anti Theft, Sleek ABS enclosure
  • Size : 82 (W) X 150 (H) X 27 (D) mm
  • SMPS Power : Input – 90 to 270V AC, Output: 12V DC
  • Operating Temperature : 0 to 55 Deg.C
  • Humidity : Up to 99 % RH (Non-condensing)

Technical Specification: 

  • CPU: High-Speed ARM Core CPU
  • Communication : TCP/IP, USB, GPRS(Optional) * SIM Card Slot with GPRS : 1 SIM Slot inbuilt
  • Multiple Data Transfer Policy: Always-on/Schedule based Data Communication Mode: Push
  • Data to Server over LAN or Internet using BroadBand & GPRS connectivity
  • Transaction Records : 90,000 Records
  • Display: 128 X 64 Graphic LCD with white text in Blue Backlit * Keyboard: 16 Key Membrane
  • Keyboard for enrollment
  • User Friendly: Web Server 1/F for managing terminal
  • GPS: Built-in GPS Module for logging the GPS Info(Optional)
  • Mifare Smart Card Reader/ Writer
  • Auxillary RS232C Port: RS232C Port to connect Printer
  • UPS with 4 Hours Battery Backup

Ordering Information: 

MicroLOG: Handheld Datalogger

  • OPT 01: PoE Option for Ethernet
  • OPT 02: Built-in GPS

MIS Time Pro :

  • Time Office MIS Software for Multi-Shift Operation

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Biometric Time Attendance Machine (Portable Device)

A Handheld Attendance System is a portable device that allows employees to clock in and out of work using a fingerprint, RFID card, or other form of biometric identification. It can be used in place of traditional time clocks, allowing employees to clock in and out at various locations throughout the facility, such as in a warehouse or construction site.

The device typically includes a small screen and keypad or touch screen, as well as a built-in scanner for fingerprint or RFID card recognition. The device can connect to a computer or network via USB or wireless connection, and attendance data can be transferred to a central system for processing and reporting.

Handheld attendance systems offer several advantages over traditional time clocks:

  1. Portability: The devices can be easily transported to different locations, allowing for attendance tracking in multiple areas of a facility.

  2. Biometric identification: The use of fingerprints or RFID cards for identification can help prevent time fraud and ensure that only authorized employees are clocking in.

  3. Real-time data: The system can provide real-time data on employee attendance, making it easy for managers to track and monitor employee hours.

  4. Integration: Handheld attendance systems can be integrated with other systems such as payroll and scheduling software, making it easy to manage employee attendance data.

  5. Cost-effective: Handheld attendance systems can be more cost-effective than traditional time clocks, as they require less infrastructure and maintenance.

Overall, Handheld Attendance System is a versatile and efficient solution for tracking employee attendance in a variety of settings, including construction sites, warehouses, and other remote locations.

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