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Face Recognition Attendance Device

face recognition attendance system india

Face Recognition Attendance Device help you in saving time and money. Get the No. 1 Face recognition attendance system in India. We provide essl face recognition attendance system at the lowest price. essl face recognition attendance machines are the best top-class face attendance machine in India. We provide a contactless attendance system in India. The face recognition attendance device is very fast in capturing attendance. Time office face recognition attendance device with USB excel reports can be extracted with the help of the software which comes with the device.

Face recognition attendance system – 100% Robust and Accurate

face recognition attendance system device.

Face Attendance Machine Matrix

Face Attendance Machine Matrix


Face recognition attendance system India

Linux-Based Hybrid-Biometric Access Control Terminal with Smart Visible Light Facial Recognition, Supports both Facial and Palm authentication, including Fingerprint and Card access with high capacity and speedy recognition. Adopts touchless recognition technology which eliminates hygiene concerns effectively. It is also equipped with an ultimate Anti Spoofing algorithm for Facial Recognition to improve security performance in all aspects.
Face recognition Attendance Device

Face recognition Attendance Device

Face recognition Attendance Device

Linux-Based Hybrid-Biometric Access Control Terminal with Smart Visible Light Facial Recognition
AI Contactless Face Recognition Time Attendance System
Face Recognition Terminals for Touch-Free Access
This is a face attendance device, an intelligent attendance terminal independently designed and developed by us. It combines infrared human body recognition and fast face recognition algorithms. It is used for instant and fast face attendance, recording, and other functions, and is widely used for access control of office areas, office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, airports, shopping centers, communities, and other public places.

Face Recognition Terminals for Touch-Free Access
FaceDepot 8AL [TI] Time Attendance & Access Control
Touchless Biometric Time Attendance products have quickly paved their way to the “must-have” list, with authentication playing a critical role in every enterprise.
FaceDepot 8AL[TI] device is obviously more stable, effective and efficient with Face & Palm Recognition Terminal with Temperature Detection and is the ideal option for any organization.

Face Recognition Terminals Touch Free Access

Mobile Attendance Application

Mobile attendance app with face recognition

  • Touch-free attendance
  • Real-time employee tracking
  • Covid-19 status of employee checked at entry and is available to HR real-time
  • Option to use App/ QR/ Face Recognition (with or without mask)
  • Leave management on the App itself
  • Unlimited users and unlimited transactions
  • Seamless Integration with HRMS
  • Proprietor/ Partners/Admin Head get real-time reports on App itself
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