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Face Finger Recognition Attendance System

Face Finger Recognition Attendance System

Face Finger Recognition based Attendance System VF200

Face Finger Recognition-based Attendance System VF200

Face Recognition Biometric Attendance System

Face Finger Recognition based Attendance System

Face Finger Recognition-based Attendance System

Face Finger Recognition-based Attendance System

Face Recognition And Fingerprint Attendance System

Face recognition attendance system with payroll.  Our face recognition attendance system can be integrated with all the major payroll software avaialble in the market.  Call us for face recognition attendance system price.  Get the real time face recognition attendance system in India.  We also have mobile based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring system.  No need to use face recognition attendance system python, you can use this device for capturing the attendance.

Robust Performance with <0.3 sec. with spoof detection

@ Cloud Compatible with Push Technology for centralized Attendance

Up to 1,000 Face and/or Finger users

Ideal for indoor use for Attendance

VF200 is a touchscreen-based Attendance system using an AI-based Face recognition algorithm with a traditional Fingerprint Biometric reader.

VF200 is an elite model of Hanvon’s visible light Face recognition product line. It adopts a deep learning algorithm to enable the super performance of Face recognition which provides a fantastic user experience. Equipped with industrial IPS touch screen allows vast deployment at schools, hospitals, central buildings, offices, and stores for Time Attendance.

  • Cost Effective – no ID cards, badges or other equipment is needed for the system users, they just use biometrics.
  • High accuracy and security – identification based on multi-modal biometrics facilitates very high accuracy and is reliable for fraud prevention.
  • No “buddy punching” – nobody can do a fake check-in or check-out on behalf of another employee / user / attendee.
  • Useful integrations – We provide flexible data exporting to a range of popular payroll systems
  • Increase the efficiency of attendance monitoring
The Most Advanced Cloud Attendance System, perhaps ever!
VF200: Face / Finger Recognition-based Attendance System
User Capacity Standard 1,000 Face (1:N), 1,000 Finger users (Any mix)
Speed Less than 0.3 Second
Accuracy >99%
Lighting compatible 0.1 Lux     10,000 Lux
Working Distance 0.5 – 1.5 meter
Record Capacity 1,50,000
Security Photo NA
Camera 2MP Single Camera Live face detection
Authentication Face, Face + Finger, Finger only
Mask Detection No
Attendance Interval, Work Status, Work Code
Operating System Linux
Processor Double-core 1GHZ
Screen size & Resolution Industry 4.3 inch Touch Screen, Resolution 480 X 800 Pixel
Enrolment 3 methods – Device, through Web application & through Mobile App
Storage EMMC FLASH 8Gbytes
Interface Built-in Wifi, LAN port, TCP/IP, USB
Power DC 12V 1.5A
Working Environment For terminal: 0°C-45°C, Humidity <95%(non Condensing)
Dimension 132”130”26mm
Weight 0.44 Kg

Attendance Software

Communication Platform Software & APIs

  • ProComm : Push-based Terminal, Template & Attendance data

Management Software based on Windows

  • Smart Face: Web-Based Communication Server for Face & Finper Terminal, Template & Data Management with Push Technology
  • PM Neo: API integration project with HRMS/Payroll/ERP software

for Employee Master, Templates, Terminal & Transaction data

T & A Application Software

TPP Neo: Desktop-based Attendance MIS Software with Multi-shift

operation suitable for SME/SMB Organisation

eZeeHR: Progressive HRMS Suite with Attendance, Shift, Leave,

HR Module

OTG HR: Cloud-based Attendance System(including Mobile App) with Intra-office Task Management Solution

Face with Finger Attendance and Access Control

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