Face Based Time And Attendance IFace 302

IFace 302

IFace 302

iFace302 – multifactorial biometric access control and time and attendance terminal and has large memory capacity. The iFace series devices installed high multifactorial biometric processor with a frequency of 630 MHz, and the high definition infrared camera enables user to recognize when there is insufficient light. Identification of face and fingerprint allows you to expand the scope of the device. All operations are performed with iFace302 using the touch screen with a diagonal of 4.3 inches. Connectivity features include RS / 232/485, Ethernet, optional can be installed modules Wi-Fi, GPRS protocols. Backup battery (optional) capacity of 2000 mA / h avoids problems with the power supply unit.
Identification methods: face, fingerprint / RFID card or password and elegant ergonomic design Color touch screen 4.3-inch intuitive interface 6 assignable function keys Relay input for external control system access the Web-server management using a browser customizable alerts on schedule (optional) infrared camera that allows you to identify the users in low light conditions Built-in backup battery provides up to 4 hours (optional) Wireless communication Wi-Fi and GPRS (optional) Possibility to connect an external lock, door sensor, «exit» button, call, alarm Wiegand-output for integration with other access control

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Technical Specifications:

  • CPU: Multi-Bio CPU 800 MHz
  • Memory: 256M Flash, 64MB SD RAM
  • Camera: High Resolution Infrared Camera
  • Display: 4.3’’ TFT touch screen
  • Algorithm Version: Face 7.0, Finger 10.0 version
  • Fingerprint Sensor: 500 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 2000
  • Face Capacity: 1200 (1:N), 3000 (1:1)
  • Transaction Capacity:1,00,000
  • Inbuilt Proximity Card Reader
  • Communication: TCP/IP, RS232/485, Two USB-host


  • Battery Back (200mA)
  • Push Data Technology
  • Wifi
  • GPRS
  • Face capacity:700(1:G),1500/3000(1:1)
  • Mifare Card, Short Message, 9 Digit User, Work Code

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