Face Based Devices

Face Based DevicesFace based Devices uses face detection technology which is used in various places to identify human face comes in front of it. Face detection is a psychological process to locate humans for attending faces.

A facial recognition system is a computerised application used to identify and recognise a person by digital image or by video also. This can be done by comparing selected facial features with the image present in facial database.

Face-detection algorithms captures and processes front part of human face. It is similar to image verification process in which a person’s image matched bitwise. The verification involves capturing the face features and checking the features specified in the database. Any change in the feature leads to the validation failure of human face which restricts the person to enter the door.

Initially all the possible necessary regions of  humans’ are recognised like eye regions i.e. eyebrows,iris;nostril part, mouth corners etc. are detected. Now the genetic algorithm’s work starts i.e. to generate all face regions.

Candidates face is adjusted in the reduced light which is due to non-uniform illumination and also  head movement effects. This detection process is done several times then after it best possible database is formed. For each candidate face symmetry is checked and existence of different facial feature is verified.

Mainly it is used at security places where high security is needed. Comparing to other Biometrics it is more accurate and reliable.

Face based devices are of different kinds. This technology is used in various categories. They are

They are further classified as :-

Face Based Time Attendance Machine

Face Based Attendance-Access Control

Face Based Identix Series


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