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Electromagnetic Lock And Bracket ES 230GD

Electromagnetic Lock ES 230GD EM Lock

ES 230GD

ES 230GD


Electromagnetic Lock ES 230GD is designed without the mechanical bolt. It gives green/red LED indication for lock status It comes with PCB which is voltage and current spike protected. It provides options like Request-to-open, Auto-relock if no Action.

electromagnetic locks for doors

electromagnetic locks for doors

It does not produce any humming or buzzing.


Electromagnetic Lock 230GD has dynamic holding force capacities. A “fail safe” magnetic lock requires power to remain locked. It is not suitable at the places where high security involved as it is possible to disable the lock by disrupting the power supply.It can be made possible by adding a magnetic bond sensor to the lock and by using a battery backup with power supply. Electromagnetic locks are well suited for use on emergency exit doors that are used at fire safety places. It is because as locks do not have moving parts and are therefore less likely to fail than other types of electric locks, such as electric strikes.

An electromagnetic lock  is a device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. Mainly, there are two  types of electric locking devices, “fail safe” or “fail secure”. A Fail-Secure locking device remains locked when power is lost while Fail-Safe locking devices gets unlocked when power supply is disrupted.

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Green/red LED indication for lock status
Design with no Mechanical Bolt
Voltage and current spike protection PCB
Request-to-open, Auto-relock if no Action
Silent operation: no humming or buzzing

Magnet(L X W X H ) 250 X 42 X 26 mm
Armature Plate(L X W X H ) 180 X 38 X 11 mm
Current 400 mA
Power 12V
Holding Force 600lbs
Holding Capacity 230Kg
Temperature 0°C – 55°C
Operating Humidity 0%-95% (Non-Condensing)
Anti-Rust Surface Treatment Zinc Plating
Suitable for Wooden door, Glass door, Alluminium door, Fireproof door
Optional Accessories L Bracket ,U Bracket ,ZL Bracket

Electromagnetic Lock And Bracket ES 230GD Brochure Download

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