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Access Control System EC10 Elevator Controller

Elevator access control system

Lift Access System in India

Elevator card access system price
Elevator access control system India
Lift access control system in Delhi
Biometric device for lift
Elevator floor access control
Elevator RFID access control

Elevator access control system to offer limited access to a specific floor. Lift access control system with RJ45 interface, fail-safe mode, etc. Ask Pricing. Offer Limited Access to
Specific Floors based on access rights.

Elevator access control system

Elevator Controller for Access Control System

Elevator access control system India

EC10 Elevator Controller

eSSL EC10 Elevator Controller

Elevator Controller Access Control System

EC10 Elevator Controller is an Access Control System with a fingerprint capacity of 3,000 and a Proximity Card capacity is 30,000. Its Event Capacity is 100,000.

It provides Communication to computers with Ethernet and RS485 and to EX16 with RS485. Total 3 EX16 boards which can be supported by it.


FeaturesBrochureSoftwareInstallation Diagram

Supports both RFID and Fingerprint slave readers
Fail-Safe Mode
Real-time upload of user access privileges
Real-time event monitoring
User-defined floor access privilege

Access Control System EC10 Elevator Controller Brochure Download

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Access Control System EC 10 Elevator Controller Connection Diagram Download

Matrix access control for elevators provides intensify security with a floor-wise entryway and expandable solution to meet future needs. Quick inquiry today on 9315441078!
An elevator control system, Integrated security system, Elevator Access Control

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