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Boom Barrier Gate

Boom Barrier Gate

Boom Barrier Gate also known as barrier gate. Boom Barrier gate increase efficiency of security at the in and out point of any organization. It may be factory, hospital, manufacturing unit, hotel, toll tax plaza, residential building, or any road way where heavy or medium vehicles are expected. Boom Barrier PB100 is available with maximum length of 6 mtr. Its arm is of aluminium and pole is of iron. It is available in automatic mode as well as in manual mode. One can install and use it very easily. Boom Barrier PB100 can be used for any entry or exit gate of factories, hospital, residential building, colony, toll plaza or road way. It is available with 3 mtr. arm and 6 mtr. arm. Boom Barrier BP100 is available at very low price. We are providing facilities of installation of Boom Barrier Gate PB100 in any city of India. We are dealing in biometric time and attendance machine also. For any inquiry related to boom barrier gate pb100 or biometric attendance machines you can mail us at [email protected] or call us at 9315441053 or 9034757673. We ensure you for the quality services.

Boom Barrier Gate PB100

Boom barrier

You can get the user manual of Boom Barrier Gate PB100 can be download by clicking Boom Barrier Gate PB100 user manual

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Power Supply: 220VAC, 50HZ
SMPS – Input: AC 220V / 110V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Motor power: 90W, 220V AC
Dimension(mm): 268 X 348 X 1050
Operating Temprature: -20 degree C. to +50 degree C.
Maximum Length of Boom: 6mtr.
Arm Material: Aluminium
Time for up/down: 2sec.(for 1 – 3 mtr. boom) 6 Sec. (for 4-6mtr. boom)
Mode: Automatic/Manual

Turnstile Boom Barrier  PB 100 Brochure Download

Free Time and Attendance Software Download

Turnstile Boom Barrier PB 100 Connection Diagram Download


Key features of Boom Barrier Gate :

  • Maximum length of boom: 6m (Optional 3m/4m)
  • Arm Material: Aluminium
  • Input Interface for: Photocell, Air Switch, Loop detector
  • Optional Interface: Access control panel, Standalone Access Control, Control button (Eg:X990)
  • Remote Control: Upto 25 meters
  • Mode: Automatic/Manual
  • Designed for heavy – duty operation
  • The Boom arms of different length allow traffic barrier to meet any particular requirement
  • Easy to operate through push button/ Remote control
  • PB100 can be easily integrated with C3 200 (Card based access control) & in bio 260 (Card & Finger)
  • It is suited for applications requiring high volume access and medium levels of security.

Boom barriers are used to regulating traffic manage access control, Or impose high security and they are typically found at level crossings, parking place, Checkpoints, drawbridges and entrance to restricted areas. eSSL PB100 boom barrier utilizes reliable electro mechanical Machinery to guarantee satisfaction in quality & stability. It is suited for applications requiring high volume access & medium levels of security.