Biometric Time Attendance Machine H7

Biometric Time Attendance Machine H7 is the low price best quality time and attendance device.  If you are looking for Attendance System in India.  You are at the right place.  We at is leading supplier of Biometric Time and Attendance machine in India.  We have best and lowest price Biometric Devices in India.  Our Intelligent Biometric Solutions help in tracking attendance of employees through the fingerprint.  An employee can use thumb impression for marking their attendance. We have the best Time Attendance Systems in India.

Excel based Fingerprint Attendance system

H7 mode is an excel based time and attendance device.   We are the Leading Security Solutions Provider India.  Our fingerprint solution helps in tracking the real-time attendance of an employee.  We are the biggest supplier of Biometric time and attendance machine.   This H7 model is a very nice machine if you are looking for attendance management solution without using any software.  The best part of this time attendance machine is it gives data output directly in excel.  It has a very high-quality Biometric scanner for marking the attendance of employees.  We are the largest distributor of Time and Attendance machines in India.

Biometric Devices in India

We have the large range of Biometric Time and Attendance devices for system integrator, software developers, and products resellers.   We have the team of well-trained professionals which help in successfully implementing time and attendance machines in India.  We support dealers, channel partners, system integrator, software developers.  SDK of most of the devices is available for system integration.

Application of this device.

  • Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Small Scale Industries
  • Software Organizations
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants.
  • Small chain stores
Features of Biometric Time Attendance Machine H7Brochure of Biometric Time Attendance Machine H7Software
  • Color TFT screen with GUI interfaces for ease of use.
  • No complex wiring required.
  • Built-in SSR attendance recorder.  Direct reports in excel.
  • Multi-languages.
  • Built-in USB port and SD socket allow manual SSR recorder transfer.
  • Function keys to select IN and OUT status of punches
  • Reak tune 1-touch data backup
  • Shows Fingerprint image quality and verification result.

Biometric Time And Attendance H7 Brochure Download

Free Time and Attendance Software Download

Biometric Time Attendance machine excel spreadsheet output.

Time and Attendance Machines, Attendance with Access Control Machines
This is one of the lowest cost branded Thumb Impression Based biometric time attendance machine available in India.

Biometric fingerprint based Attendance System with only USB support with Excel Output ZK eSSL H7

eSSL LX16 Fingerprint Time Attendance System For Small Chain Store


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