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Access Control System ESSL C3-400 Multidoor Controller

ESSL C3-400 Multi door Controller 4 Door Access Control System

C3 400 4 Door controller

1 C3-Control Panel
1 Metal Case
1 DC12V/3A Power Supply
1 FR107 Diode for Lock
2 Keys for Metal Case
1 User Manual

ESSL C3-400 Multi door Controller is an Access Control System with RAM 32MB and Flash Memory of 256MB. Its user capacity is 30,000 and Event Buffer is 100,000.  Get access control system for an office building.  We provide the best access control system for the office.  Call us for a free consultation for the best access control system for the office on 9315441053. We provide an Access control system for an office building

IP-Based Access Control Panel

IP-Based Access Control Panel

IP-Based Access Control Panel

It has Anti-passback, Interlock function, Linkage function, Multi-Card Opening function, Remote door opening, and closing function. It allows Real-Time monitoring Via Web browser and provides Video server integration.
It has 4 auxiliary inputs that may be connected to infrared body detectors, Fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc. and 4 auxiliary outputs may be connected to alarms, cameras, doorbells, etc.

FeaturesBrochureSoftwareInstallation Diagram
  • SD card data backup
  • Multiple hardware protection measures
  • It can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV, fire alarm, BAS ( Building Automation System)
    to configure the total security system
  • The controller supports different Wiegand format and can connect to a different reader, including an ID card reader,
    Mifare card reader and HID reader etc
  • It has input/output ports to control doors.
  • Normal open after first punch card can be setup.
  • It allows real-time monitoring and control of the opening and closing of doors by using the management software.
  • Interlock function (link different doors with special logic, if one door is opened the other three are closed).
  • Multi-card operation, anti-passback and duress mode.

Access Control System ESSL C3-400 Multidoor Controller  Brochure Download

Access Control System ESSL C3-400 Multidoor Controller  Connection Diagram Download

State of the art 1, 2 and 4 door panels.
Web-based management software

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ESSL c3-400

Specification of 4 door controller
Number of Doors Controlled  4 Doors
Number of Readers Supported 12 (8 RS-485 Reader OR 4 26-bit Wiegand reader)
Types of Readers Supported 26-bit Wiegand( others upon request ) or RS-485
Number of Inputs 12 (4 Exit Device, 4 Door Status, 4 AUX)
Number of Outputs 8 (4-Form C Relay for Lock and 4-Form C Relay for Aux Output)
Power/Current DC 9.6V-14.4V, Rated Max. 1A
Card Holders Capacity  30,000
Log Events Capacity 100,000
 Weight 7.8lbs (3.55kg)
Communication TCP/IP, RS-485 and WiFi optional
Enclosure Powder Coated Aluminium
Operating Temperature 0°C – 55°C
Operating Humidity 10% to 80%
relative humidity non-condensing
Mounting Wall Mount
CPU 32 bit 400MHz CPU
Flash Memory 128M
Recommended Power Supply  12V DC, 1.5A
 Dimensions (Bundle Only) 15in.×3.15in.×11in.
 Dimensions ( Board Only)  6.3in.×4.17in.
256 time Zones, 256 access levels
Anti-passback function
Interlock function, Linkage function
Multi-Card Opening function, Remote door opening
and closing
Real-Time monitoring Via Web browser
4 auxiliary input may be connected to the infrared body
detectors, Fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc.
4 auxiliary output may be connected to alarms,
cameras, doorbells, etc.
Software and Database Supported :
Access Security System 3.5 ( Desktop
 Version) Database Type:- MS Access / MS SQL

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